This is HYDS

Hydrogen Solutions AS (HYDS) is a company that develops environmentally friendly solutions for various industries by providing green hydrogen, produced through electrolysis and electric power sourced mainly from renewable sources.

HYDS represents knowledge spanning the entire value chain from power production to the development, construction, operation of green hydrogen plants and the distribution of the green hydrogen to the end user in various forms.

We contribute to the green shift by delivering green hydrogen as an energy carrier directly, converting green hydrogen into electricity, or further refining it into products like ammonia, methanol, LOHC or other. The green hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives serve as eco-friendly energy for industries and fuel for vehicles, trailers, ships, and airplanes.

HYDS was established in 2021. We address global energy challenges and are engaged in several exciting projects. We work towards a more sustainable future by seeking better energy solutions, focusing on the cases where green hydrogen is the solutions or part of the solution. Transitioning to more sustainable operations and low-carbon renewable energy production is crucial in our business.

Plants in Operation

Stord Hydrogen is a 1 MW pilot plant located at Heiane in Stord in production. The facility produces hydrogen through electrolysis from renewable energy. The pilot plant has the capacity to produce 388 kg hydrogen per day. Deliveries can be made to customers directly to the test center Energy House located next to the plant or to high pressure storage containers. More information regarding Stord Hydrogen can be found on the plants home pages:

Ongoing projects

Kaupanes Hydrogen

Kaupanes Hydrogen is a 1 MW plant located at Egersund harbour. It also produces green hydrogen from water electrolysis using electricity from renewable energy sources. The plant is planned to be in operation in January 2024.

Varanger Kraft Hydrogen Control System

Varanger Kraft Hydrogen is a 2.5 MW facility located at Berlevågen, with a production capacity of 1 tonn hydrogen per day. The plant has been in operation from 2020, but will be fully commercialised from Q1 2024. HYDS will deliver the control system to Varanger Kraft Hydrogen.

Research activities


HYDS is a partner in the Centre for Environmental-friendly Energy Research (FME) HyValue. The research centre aims to address challenges for the entire value chain for hydrogen, and determine the role of hydrogen and hydrogen-based energy carriers in reaching a zero-emission energy economy.


HYDS is also part of the project SAFEN, a Joint Industry Project established to close knowledge gaps and better understand the failure mechanisms, hazards and accident potentials with renewable energy sources, particularly hydrogen. The project aims to develop a better risk model and to standardise safety design across the renewable industry.


HYDS is also a partner in the knowledge-building project for industry (KSP) Liquid-H. The project will contribute to developing energy-efficient technologies for hydrogen liquefaction through magnetic refrigeration.

Transperancy Act

Environmental, social and governance

SDG 7 Affordable and Clean Energy

HYDS will contribute to the decarbonization of fossil energy by enabling and building clean hydrogen production.

SDG 8 Decent work and economic growth

HYDS supports and respects internationally proclaimed human and labour rights. In our projects, we do not tolerate working conditions or treatment that conflict with international laws and practices. HYDS will ensure diversity in employment as the company will grow toward more employees during the next couple of year.

SDG 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

HYDS are executing green hydrogen projects which will upgrade the infrastructure and retrofit industries to make them sustainable, by standardization and digitalization HYDS will bring down costs together with our strategic partners, this will enable a more cost efficient value change with lower overall costs.

SDG 12 Responsible consumption and production

We seek to use biproduct from the green hydrogen production such as oxygen and heat, which can be used in green value in nearby industry and communities, this will in addition contribute to overall improving in our projects. In our project we have an ambition to set targets for reducing material consumption in the entire value chain.

SDG 13 Climate action

HYDS will by investing in green hydrogen production to play a key role in driving the transition to an low-carbon future. By partnerships with storage and transportation we will create an alternative to fossil fuels.

SDG 17 Partnerships for the goals

Partnerships is in HYDS view the key for driving to a sustainable future. We seek partnerships in all parts of the value change, from the producer of electrolysers, to storage and transportation. Technology development is key to this and we constant seek to contribute to academia and clusters to create sustainable value chains that lasts.  In both of our location where we are currently building hydrogen plants, at Stord and Egersund, we have connected with local partners to create production sites as well local customers

Technology trade

Liquiline is our subsidiary company that sells electrolysis- and liquefaction technologies. Since 2019, through a collabotation with Green Hydrogen Systems (GHS), Liquiline has delivered HyProvideTM electrolysers.

Read more at Liquiline