Scalable, locally produced, green hydrogen!

Proven technology

By using commercially available and proven solutions put together in turnkey deliveries with operation and maintenance agreements, we will make hydrogen a real zero-emission alternative in Norway.

The concept is based on flexible and scalable modules that are well suited for local production and local value creation.



"We use clean, renewable hydropower to create green hydrogen."

Our production target for 2023


kg of hydrogen

Local ownership - international focus

HYDS shall develop, build, own and operate several plants for the production of green hydrogen and be responsible for any dispensation or bunkering at the plants.

We have financial solidity and ability to implement and represent knowledge from the entire value chain from hydropower and electrolysis to dispensing, operation and maintenance.

No CO2 emissions - totally climate neutral

Overloop_Midtbotn_Green-hydrogen production
In the search for more environmentally friendly solutions for a number of industries, such as long-distance transport and the chemical industry, carbon-free hydrogen is the solution. 

Green hydrogen can be converted into electricity and further processing into, for example, ammonia, which ensures energy for industry and fuel for cars, trailers, ships and aircraft.