HYDS is granted funding from Enova

HYDS’ Hydrogen Plant Control System project awarded support from Enova’s funding scheme “Fleksibilitet i energisystemet”.

Adapting to the power market and available energy

With support from Enova, HYDS can advance the development of the Hydrogen Plant Control System and contribute to increased flexibility and optimisation of available power. This is important when most of the new renewable energy sources are intermittent. The flexibility and possible storage of energy production in hydrogen can also contribute to development of new renewable energy production. One of the main hurdles in hydrogen production going forward is bringing down the total production cost of hydrogen, and the Hydrogen Plant Control System can contribute to this.

The production cost of hydrogen can be simplified and allocated across four categories: investment costs, personnel costs, energy costs, and maintenance costs. The Hydrogen Plant Control System being developed by HYDS will reduce costs related to the latter three. The control system will propose schedules based on electricity price estimates and customer demand, allowing for remote operation, automatic schedule generation against the nomination system, and improved energy efficiency in production, while at the same time reducing the load on the grid. Given the variable power in facilities, a system is needed to optimise schedules for the most efficient operation.

“Currently, no such system is in place, but its implementation is crucial. Remote control and monitoring will enhance safety during operation and maintenance, and reduce the likelihood of human errors. To stay competitive, operational and production processes need streamlining, achieved through digitalisation. Operations will be remotely managed, schedules automatically generated against the nomination system, energy efficiency, system reliability and safety enhanced, adding to overall sustainability in production. The control system will ultimately result in cost savings on staffing and, through optimisation against energy costs, a reduction in hydrogen production costs and enhanced safety and reliability.”

Vigdis H. Hope, COO in HYDS.

Vigdis H. Hope, COO in HYDS

Operational data already in place

HYDS has already collected a significant volume of operational data from hydrogen production at the Stord Hydrogen facility, establishing a robust position in the ongoing development of the control system. In 2023, Stord Hydrogen produced approximately 3 tons of hydrogen for high pressure storage tanks and about 1 ton for testing in Energy House. In December, HYDS successfully implemented a fully remote operation and 24/7 surveillance at Stord Hydrogen.

“Developing and bringing a full-scale Hydrogen Plant Control System to market enables us to remotely operate both our own facilities and operate for other hydrogen producers, leveraging on knowledge and systems already in place. We are grateful that ENOVA has seen the value in this and contribute support in our further development.”

Thor Henrik W. Hagen, CEO in HYDS.

The further development of the Hydrogen Plant Control System will commence early in 2024.   

About HYDS:

Hydrogen Solution AS (HYDS) was established in 2021 and is a fast-growing Norwegian hydrogen company. HYDS develops, builds, owns, and operates hydrogen plants, and the strategy is to produce green hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives through scalable and local plants. The first plant at Stord opened in May 2023. The second plant in Egersund will open in Q1 2024.

About Stord Hydrogen:

Stord Hydrogen produces green hydrogen through water electrolysis. At the facility pressurised hydrogen is delivered to customers in the transportation, construction, industrial, and maritime sectors. Stord Hydrogen also supply green hydrogen to the testing centre “Energy House,” where customers can conduct small-scale or full-scale tests in modern laboratories. The hydrogen plant is an integral part of the gas production and storage facility associated with Energy House. Stord Hydrogen is operated by HYDS.

Kaupanes Hydrogen under construction.
Stord Hydrogen