Starts green hydrogen production in Western Norway

Newly started Stord Hydrogen can produce 140 tonnes of green hydrogen every year. The company is a joint project of Hydrogen Solutions (HYDS), Sustainable Energy Catapult Center, Alltec Services and Greenstat and will start production at Heiane in Stord already this spring.

“This is an anniversary for green industrial development. Not only will green hydrogen be available for the market, it will also be used by our customers in the world’s first full-scale test center for new green energy carriers, Energy House”

Willie Wågen, general manager of the Sustainable Energy Catapult Center

Emission-free alternative

Together with Alltec Services, Greenstat and HYDS, the catapult center is behind the newly started company Stord Hydrogen. The premises at Heiane in Stord are already under construction on the site of the Energy House test center. When the production plant is completed, it will be able to produce almost 400 kg of green hydrogen every day. It is enough to cover the fuel needs of around 800 passenger cars every day. “The hydrogen market in Norway, and in the rest of the world, will grow enormously in the coming years. The fact that we are now actually starting production here in Western Norway and making hydrogen available is incredibly important for speeding up the green shift. Hydrogen can be used both as an input factor in industry and as an emission-free fuel for cars, buses, trucks, trains or boats “, says Vegard Frihammer, founder and general manager of Greenstat.

Modular production facility

HYDS will deliver the flexible, module-based production plant that will produce compressed hydrogen via electrolysis at Stord. The electrolysis technology is supplied by Danish Green Hydrogen Systems, through its Norwegian partner Liquiline . This will be their first delivery of this type of electrolyser to Norway.

“Finally, we go from word to deed. This is the real starting point for us and for green commercial hydrogen production in Norway. Our goal is to achieve scalable hydrogen production with more locations. That our first facility will be at a test center that works with the fuel of the future for the maritime industry is positive “, says Thor Henrik Hagen, general manager of HYDS.

Circular economy in practice

The energy created during the various tests in the Energy House, through the Sustainable Energy Catapult Center, will now be converted to hydrogen.

“Now we can actually utilize the energy we create during the actual testing. Instead of being lost, it must now be converted to hydrogen. This is a big step in the right direction for us who work to create an advanced, technological and forward-looking test center – built for tomorrow’s solutions “, says Magnar Aaland, CEO of Alltec Services.

In addition to utilizing the energy produced during tests in the Energy house, renewable energy from SKL’s hydropower plant Blåfalli Vik will go into hydrogen production .

“We will make our test facilities as affordable and sustainable as possible for our customers. This will reduce both our own and our customers’ CO2 footprint. It will also make us more attractive on the market “, says Willie Wågen.