Åkrafjorden could become Norway’s “greenest” fjord

Åkrafjorden in Sunnhordland can become the market leader in green tourism in the coming years, with the help of short-distance renewable energy solutions.

That is the conclusion of a concept study that looked at how innovative solutions can reduce CO 2 and air pollution linked to activities in the fjord.

– Åkrafjorden Oppleving AS is an umbrella organization for 11 tourism companies in the Åkrafjord area. We have natural qualities that are unique – and now is the time to exploit this. If we are to attract the tourists of the future, we must think new and green, and we must collaborate across industries, says the company’s manager, John Karsten Hustveit.

Potential for hydrogen production

The study points to five specific measures. Among other things, there are great opportunities for small-scale green hydrogen production.

– We see great potential in Åkrafjorden for producing green hydrogen. The existing infrastructure on the line network lacks capacity and here green hydrogen can come in as an energy carrier. The production will not take away existing production capacity, but can come by upgrading the capacity in already existing power plants and potentially new power plants around the Åkrafjorden, says Tor Henrik W. Hagen in the hydrogen company Hydrogen Solutions.

Energy terminal can provide synergy effects

The study also points to other energy sources and technological advances that will contribute to turning the Åkrafjord into a zero-emissions fjord. Solar energy solutions with a battery bank for charging vehicles is one aspect. Another is the establishment of a state-of-the-art energy terminal in Fjæra harbour.

– There are good conditions for being able to supply such an energy terminal with clean energy produced locally. With the terminal in place, you get infrastructure for both vehicles and boats. This means that the tourist boat “Langfoss” can be converted from diesel-electric operation to battery operation, – and thus run on clean and short-distance renewable energy. It will be good for the environment and a milestone in the work to make Åkrafjorden Norway’s “greenest” fjord for tourism, says Hustveit further.

The study has been developed by Åkrafjorden Oppleving AS and partners, with support from Enova.

Point of view

He gets approval from Arne Mæland in Future Marine Solutions AS, who has been the project coordinator in the project.

– This could really be a “game changer” for how to solve the environmental challenges in Norwegian fjords in the future. The study also looked at the possibility of creating a viewing point where everyone who visits the area can see “live” updates on how much electricity is produced, how much you use yourself when charging, for example, and how the overall solution ensures that the Åkrafjord becomes an attractive tourism destination for zero-emission tourism.

The findings of the study mean that Åkrafjorden Oppleving, together with its partners, now wants to see how the projects can be realized through private investors, – and support and investments from, among others, Enova, the Research Council and the EU.

Image of three men
Sees great potential for green solutions in Åkrafjorden: Arne Mæland (tv) in Future Marine Solutions AS, Tor Henrik W. Hagen in the hydrogen company Hydrogen Solutions, and John Karsten Hustveit in Åkrafjorden Oppleving AS have, in their work on the concept study, uncovered great opportunities in green tourism and green energy production.


  • Concept study with the aim of seeing how innovative energy and climate solutions can facilitate zero-emission tourism in the Åkrafjorden.
  • The umbrella organization Åkrafjorden Oppleving AS has been the main driver of the project.
  • Partners in the study: Fagne AS, Havnekraft AS, Hydrogen Solutions AS, Åkrafjorden Oppleving AS, Future Marine Solutions AS, Saltåno Kraft, Kambo Energi and Atheno AS.