Hydrogen raises Norway’s small power potential

Hydrogen Solutions AS (HYDS) and Sunnhordland Kraftlag AS (SKL) are included hydrogen cooperation with Småkraft AS, Europe's largest small power player.

The background for the collaboration lies in the great value creation potential that green hydrogen represents, and with this collaboration agreement, access to power from more than 200 small power plants in Norway and Sweden is ensured.

Småkraft and SKL have a significant portfolio of renewable electricity production from a number of small and medium-sized small power plants. HYDS, for its part, has developed scalable solutions for locally produced green hydrogen based on electrolysis of water, with the supply of electrical energy. Production equipment and solutions are adapted to different needs, and can easily be scaled up from very small plants of a few hundred KW to large plants of several tens of MW.

A collaboration between the companies means that we can position ourselves more directly in the market, and over large parts of the country. In addition to utilizing existing small power production, the collaboration also opens up for the realization of small power projects that have been “on hold” with a lack of grid connection, says Terje Vedeler, CEO of Småkraft.

Hydrogen is expected to play a key role as an energy carrier for the success of the green shift, and the agreed targets for emission reductions. Especially in the transport sector, hydrogen will have great potential where battery technology is not a relevant solution, such as heavy transport on roads, industry, construction machinery and not least in shipping. HYDS already has two facilities under construction at Stord and in Egersund, and is working on several other exciting projects.

The government has clearly expressed expectations that Norway will take the lead in the hydrogen investment. The collaboration between Småkraft, SKL and HYDS is a response to this encouragement and expectation , says Thor Henrik W. Hagen, CEO of HYDS. He adds that the collaboration with Småkraft fits in very well with HYDS ‘investment in scalable locally produced green hydrogen, and we are already looking at several joint projects. In addition, he sees several good synergies with both ownership and the operating models that SKL and Småkraft have for monitoring and operation of small power plants that are transferable to Hydrogen.

For SKL, this collaboration is a confirmation that we want to invest in hydrogen. The establishment of HYDS in 2021, which we own together with Liquiline, and the collaboration we are now establishing with Småkraft, gives us a unique opportunity to exploit the potential that small power plants represent. We have great faith in short-distance locally produced hydrogen, and with Småkraft on the team, we can now establish hydrogen production all over the country , says CEO John Martin Mjånes in SKL.


Terje Vedeler, CEO of Småkraft AS, mobile phone: 907 26 568
John Martin Mjånes, CEO of SKL, mobile phone: 975 56 009
Thor Henrik W. Hagen, CEO of HYDS, mobile phone: 901 71 479

About Småkraft AS:

  • Småkraft owns and operates 199 power plants in Norway and Sweden, and is one of Europe’s largest small power players.
  • Collaborates with over 700 landowners throughout Norway to produce more than 1800 GWh of renewable electricity annually. There is enough electricity to cover the annual consumption of over 100,000 households.
  • 26 employees at offices in Bergen, Sandnes, Lillestrøm, Harstad, Flatanger, Verdal, Oslo and Uppsala.

About Sunnhordland Kraftlag AS (SKL):

  • Established in 1946. SKL is today a pure group in the production and development of renewable hydropower. Power production is mainly located in Vestland and Rogaland counties.
  • SKL owns and operates a total of 20 wholly owned power stations, and has an 8.75% share in the Sima power plant in Eidfjord, as well as a 2.54% share in the Ulla-Førre plants. SKL is also a part owner of several small power plants. Total output is 716 MW, and hydropower production is approx. 2,700 GWh in a normal year.
  • In addition to hydropower, SKL also has investments in offshore wind through the company Deep Wind Offshore (DWO) and hydrogen production through the company Hydrogen Solutions (HYDS).
  • 55 employees with headquarters in Stord and operation / maintenance departments in Kvinnherad and Etne.

About Hydrogen Solutions AS (HYDS):

  • Established in 2021 with SKL and Liquiline as owners.
  • HYDS will develop, build, own and operate plants for the production of green hydrogen. Has the main focus on scalable plants and locally produced hydrogen.
  • HYDS has several exciting projects in the portfolio, and is well underway with the construction of the first plant that will be in operation at Stord in the third quarter of 2022. In addition to a portfolio prepared for local and scalable projects, HYDS has also secured several locations for larger production.
  • Uses commercially available and proven technology to deliver turnkey solutions.
  • The company currently has 5 employees, several strategic partners in place and is co-located with SKL in Stord.