HYDS will produce green hydrogen with a power company in Eastern Norway

Hydrogen Solutions (HYDS) has been chosen to develop a turnkey hydrogen production plant in Buskerud.

It is the power producer Glitre Energi who wants to produce green hydrogen at their river power plants, and to test HYDS ‘solution in a pilot. The hydrogen company has initially been chosen to develop the potential project in collaboration with Glitre Energi. If Glitre Energi decides to realize the hydrogen plant, HYDS will also be commissioned to build and operate it.

– This is a very exciting pilot project with a forward-looking power group. In the development phase, we will work closely with Glitre Energi both on the construction side and to secure the market potential. This also gives us an entry into Eastern Norway. The potential is great and we are facilitating a scalable development, says Thor Henrik Hagen, general manager of HYDS.

HYDS already has two facilities under construction, one in Stord and one in Egersund. If the Glitre Energi plant is realized, HYDS will be a total supplier, and supply key components such as electrolysers and compressors.

– In addition, we will have a coordinating operational responsibility. That is where the expertise we build up from the other two facilities comes in handy, says Hagen. 

HYDS was established in March 2021 with Sunnhordland kraftlag and Liquiline as owners.

Should utilize hydropower better

Glitre Energi is considering investing in hydrogen production to utilize electricity production in river power plants more optimally.

– With our river power plants, we have a limited opportunity to regulate the water in the watercourses. Through this pilot, we want to see if hydrogen production can increase the value of hydropower, by using the low-cost times to produce hydrogen, says Martine Andersen Ulvin, project manager at Glitre Energi.

Want to replace diesel with hydrogen

The pilot project will also contribute to developing the market for hydrogen. Through the project, Glitre Energi wants to contribute to the construction industry replacing diesel with hydrogen.

– The value chain around hydrogen is still very immature, and needs players who can lift it and start a market. We are a power group that wants to take the lead in the green shift, and with this pilot project we are trying to take a stand to strengthen the value chain, says Ulvin.

– The fact that HYDS can deliver a turnkey product was crucial for us choosing them as a partner. HYDS has both expertise and practical experience in setting up hydrogen production, says Ulvin.

Øyvind Dale, Thor Henrik W. Hagen, Knut Førland and Vigdis Hjertaker Hope in HYDS.