HYDS to deliver control system to Varanger kraft Hydrogen

This week, Hydrogen Solutions (HYDS) and Varanger kraft Hydrogen signed an agreement for the delivery of a control system for Varanger kraft's hydrogen production plant in Berlevåg. The agreement means that HYDS will develop a control system, including an option for cooperation on the operation of the plant.
Portrett av Øyvind Dale
Øyvind Dale, Head of Business Development at HYDS.

“The cooperation and agreement with Varanger kraft Hydrogen is a step towards offering green hydrogen to consumers in Northern Norway and the northern part of Scandinavia. For HYDS, the northern region is very interesting and the collaboration with Varanger kraft Hydrogen is an excellent opportunity to develop the market for green hydrogen together,” says Øyvind Dale, Head of Business Development at HYDS.

Varanger Kraft Hydrogen has been producing green hydrogen since 2020, but from 2024, commercial production of up to 500 bar will be available.

“With HYDS as the supplier of our control system, we gain a valuable exchange of experience and access to unique expertise in the construction and operation of hydrogen plants,” says Jørn Uno Mikkelsen, business developer at Varanger kraft Hydrogen.

About HYDS:

Hydrogen Solution AS (HYDS) was established in 2021 and is a fast-growing Norwegian hydrogen company. HYDS develops, builds, owns and operates hydrogen plants, and its strategy is to produce green hydrogen and hydrogen derivatives through scalable and local plants. The first plant at Stord opened in May 2023. The second plant in Egersund will be ready in the fall of 2023. Read more about HYDS.lutions.no/

About Varanger kraft:

Varanger Kraft Hydrogen (VKH) was established in 2019 and has hydrogen production in Berlevåg. In addition, VKH has a license for 103.4 MW of wind power in Berlevåg, which has not yet been developed due to limitations in the main grid. Varanger Kraft is also the owner of Green Ammonia Berlevåg, which is looking at large-scale green ammonia production in Berlevåg. Read more about VKH at www.varanger-kraft.no/hydrogen/

Varanger Kraft Hydrogen’s hydrogen production plant in Berlevåg.